When Life Says "No"

How often do we unknowingly let happiness pass us by because it wasn’t packaged exactly the way we wanted? The world is not a custom made shop; more often than not our life is not ‘made to order’. 

I am not saying you should be lazy and never do anything to make life what you want it to be. What I am saying is that sometimes you will do literally everything conceivable to make it what you want and life just says, “no”. Not even an emphatic ‘NO’. Just a ‘no’. Almost as if it is disinterested completely in all the love and labor you have put forth to get what you most long and yearn for. 

Be flexible. Know when you have done everything you can possibly do, and take a step back. What happens next is up to God and the ways of the universe. And more often than not when things don’t work out, you will see some day in the future that there was a reason. Take a breath, and allow yourself to be happy in whatever form it decides to appear in. Make the choice not to question things too much. Instead, choose to be happy in whatever situation you find yourself. You never know when that unexpected or previously unwanted situation may actually turn out to be better than what you dreamed of.

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