About Me

Who Am I?

Hey everyone! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog. You might be wondering…who is this ‘Real Rissa’? Well tis I, Marissa Snowden. A little bit about me…I love the outdoors and all things dark, creepy and twisted. Keep reading for more!

What Do I Do?

U.S. Army


Twitch Affiliate


What Have I Done?

Graduated High School at 16
Lighthouse Christian Academy 2008

Graduated College
Three Rivers Community College 2011 – AAS Drafting, AAS Civil & Construction, Certificate of Surveying

Joined the U.S. Army

Visited 17 Countries
UAE, Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Italy, Croatia, Greece, Jordan, Kuwait, Iceland, Canada, Qatar, Turkey

Physical Trainer Certification
International Sports Science Association 2015

Published ‘Time and Love Blurs All’

Twitch Affiliate
January 2021

What Am I Going To Do?

ETS from the Army!
December 2022

Culinary School
January 2023

Open a Food Truck

Open a Gym

Open an Animal Shelter Cafe

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